Mwananchi Credit Boss Mombo Tells How Embakasi South MP Aspirant Mulinge Robbed him of Sh300,000 at Gunpoint


Dennis Mombo, director of Mwananchi Credit Ltd, on Wednesday told a Nairobi court how his next-door neighbour allegedly robbed him of Sh300,000 seven years ago.

Mombo testified in court that on the night of November 1, 2015, Dishon Mulinge, a candidate for Embakasi South MP, attacked him with three other men.He claimed it was an ordinary day until Mulinge and his accomplices, armed with M-16 rifles arrived at his door, blindfolded him, and led him inside the former’s house next door.

The rifles were presented in court as exhibits.Appearing before Magistrate Robinson Ondieki, Mombo recalled how his assailants bound his feet and hands and seized his possessions before rushing out of the house.He crept to the balcony and screamed for rescue. Security guards who came to his aid called the police.

During cross-examination by Mulinge’s lawyer, Danstan Omari, Mombo stated he did not know the motive behind the theft.

Mr Omari asked the complainant if he received visitors when he stayed in the apartments on Ole Dume Road.

Mombo claimed that neither he nor his wife had ever received a visitor.

“Your Honour, for the one year I had stayed in that house neither  me or my wife had ever received a visitor,” Mombo said.

Omari went on to ask if it was not weird and unusual that they had never had any guests.

Mombo stated he recognised Mulinge’s voice after positively identifying him in a police parade because he had allegedly called him later and demanded Sh20 million as “ransom.”

However, the case took a turn when Mombo repudiated one of the witness statements bearing his name, claiming it did not belong to him.

The two witness statements had been provided by the prosecution, according to Omari. The first was recorded at 9.20 a.m., and the second at 11 a.m., both with his signature.

According to the prosecution, there are two witness statements, but they will base their case on the more thorough one because they are unsure if both were provided to the defense.

Omari urged the court to order a forensic study to determine whether Mombo signed the repudiated statement.

He went on to say that if the signature turns out to be phoney, the DPP would have to explain why they faked it, but if it turns out to be Mombo’s, he will face charges of lying to the court.

The matter will be heard on June 2 for directions.

The court granted Mulinge’s request not to appear because he will be on the campaign trail.