President Uhuru Kenyatta has assured presidential contenders that he would hand over power to the team that would emerge victorious in the August polls.

The President said he wouldn’t want to break the succession spirit as the responsibility of running the government is passed from one generation to another.

“Even as we engage in the upcoming context, we know that national building is passed from generation to generation, and pass baton unbroken and I expect to do just that,” he said.

Speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast on Thursday, the President said he hoped the spirit of togetherness experienced at the meeting would prevail.

“The tempo of our politics is beating at an increasing note day by day. I hope the spirit of togetherness endures,” he said.

Uhuru called on those seeking to succeed him to be ambassadors of peace and unity, adding that his wish was for the country would emerge much stronger.

The President said he would wish to proceed to retirement peacefully – according to DP William Ruto’s prayer- when his term ends in August.

“Mine is to wish you all peace, and wish that we will end up much more united and stronger after this election than ever before.”

“…And to wish each and every person the best of luck knowing that there would be only one winner… Our prayer is that we shall accept and move forward and live to fight another day,” Uhuru said.

“I do hope the prayers of Ruto come true. I am looking forward to a lot of peace and enjoyment in the years to come.”