Last week, the Supreme Court of Kenya delivered a landmark ruling on the division of matrimonial property between spouses in the event of a divorce. In the ruling delivered on Friday, the court ruled that the 50:50 formula of sharing property in the event of dissolution of marriage is not absolute but instead, each party is entitled to their fair share of matrimonial property.

Now, each party must prove their contribution to the matrimonial property for the court to determine what percentage he or she is entitled to. The question lingering in everyone’s mind is, will this end the whole gold miners saga, or in popular terms, the Gold digger crisis.

Discussions of young females associating themselves with elderly men hoping to become the next Anna Nicole Smith aren’t new to the Nairobi community. The other trend that is arising is young men also marrying elderly women, a trend highly being discouraged by our very own “Masculinity Guru” Andrew Kibe. Is this a millennials thing or did Gen z strike again?

Lets be honest here for a second, majority of the people aren’t worried about the female gender but of the male gender. Debates have been raised on various social media platforms on how this generation’s male gender isn’t as highly respected or depended upon like the years before. Others have been motivated to tell their stories on how their husbands are lazy. Not to mention all the gender wars on social media and the , “what do you bring to the table?” question that both genders  are asking their partners.

At this day and age, everyone is a gold miner, what do you really bring to the table because clearly, you are neither the table nor the prize. Will this ruling finally end gender wars? Will this ruling motivate the younger generation to getting their bag? Will this ruling make non feminists fight for “divine feminine” rights? Let’s wait and see.



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