You've probably heard that exercise in combination with a healthy diet leads to weight loss. Some would even say that there is no other way to burn those extra pounds. That is not quite true. Many studies claim that drinking water also plays an important role in weight loss. In addition, maintaining hydration helps with digestion, muscle function and long-term weight maintenance. Let's see how more water intake helps with weight loss.

The problem of dehydration.
The first and most obvious reason why we should all drink is dehydration. More specifically, dehydration should be avoided at all costs. A human can live for weeks without eating, but we can only survive for a few days without water.
It is vital to almost all body functions we have. If you do not provide enough for your body, it dehydrates itself. This can affect the brain, organs, and skin and increase weight gain. The toxins are not eliminated and you need more food.

burn calories
In short, drinking water increases the amount of calories you burn. This is also referred to as rest energy expenditure. According to many studies, energy consumption at rest (in adults) increases after ten minutes of drinking water between 24 and 30% and this effect can last at least one hour. A study of obese children showed an increase in energy consumption for resting after cold water consumption by 25%. The most impressive result, however, comes from a study that highlights the consequences of increasing water use. a group of overweight women.

The researchers increased the water intake of women to more than 1 liter per day and found that women lost 2 kg extra weight after 12 months. These women made no other changes to their lifestyle, they just drank more water. You can do the same by taking a large 2-liter water bottle. It's easier to remember that you should increase your intake and know exactly how much you drank that day.

Water for appetite.
Here's a small thing that not many people know: it's natural for our tummy to be seen when we're full. In this case, the stomach sends signals to our brain so that we stop eating. We can deceive him by drinking water before meals. Water takes place in the stomach and this leads to a feeling of fullness, which reduces hunger.

On the other hand, people often confuse thirst and hunger, and this is a big problem as it can lead to weight gain. To solve this problem, drink a glass of water before looking for something to eat. You avoid unnecessary snacks if you find that you are not very hungry.

Water plays an important role in the elimination of toxins. If the body runs out of water, it can not properly dispose of the waste, such as urine or stool. The kidneys need water to filter out toxins and waste while maintaining vital nutrients and electrolytes. Do not drink enough water and the kidneys will hold back the liquid. When the body is out of water, we have intestinal problems.

This can cause constipation, bloating and fatigue, and all of this affects our body weight.

Drinking a few extra cups of water a day is no big deal. Make the habit and everything will be fine. Water is good for us in many ways, so make sure your body has enough.