5 secrets about lemon juice
The world is full of fruits and vegetables, and most of them are also used to make fruit juices. Lemon water is common in some of us these days. But the question is: what is the secret of lemon juice? In this article we will discuss no less than 5 secrets that you should know about lemon water.

Secret 1: It is a source of vitamin C.
Lemon juice is rich in vitamin C, so it protects our cells from harmful free radicals, as vitamin C is a key antioxidant. By drinking lemon juice, it can reduce the risk of strokes, blood pressure and cardiovascular disease

Studies by the United States Department of Agriculture show that a quarter cup of raw lemon juice contains about 23.6 grams of vitamin C, which is more than the recommended amount per day.

Secret 2: Supports weight loss
Nowadays many people find the right way to reduce their losses. Good news is that lemon juice can help reduce weight thanks to antioxidant polyphenols in lemons.

Secret 3: Improve skin quality.
According to the study, you should drink lemon juice every morning if you want a smooth, high-quality and beautiful skin. Vitamin C contained in lemons may play an important role in reducing skin wrinkles. A study by the American Society for Clinical Nutrition shows that people who take more vitamin C, less often have dry, wrinkled skin.

Secret 4: speeds up digestion.
When you get up in the morning, just drink a glass of lemon juice for the study, which shows that drinking warm or hot water in the morning can help your digestive system move quickly.

Secret 5: prevent kidney stones.
Health experts recommend increasing the intake of citric acid to reduce the risk of acquiring new calcium stones. Drinking lemon water gives you more citric acid, which reduces the risk of stonecutting.

In addition to the benefits outlined above, lemon juice can help refresh your breath and increase hydration.

It is good to drink a glass of lemon juice after every morning.