What should be answered when interviewers ask, "Why should we hire him?" From Orestes specialist Sotta-Recruitment

We often go in interviews to answer technical questions about ourselves and the work we want. Being prepared is a good thing, but there will always be one or two questions that surprise us. One of these questions would be "Why do you want this job?".
Many people would consider this a stupid question and give a random answer like "because I need a job".
For an interviewer, however, this is not a stupid question. He asks why he wants it and gives him the opportunity to explain why he is interested in the job and how interested he is in this job.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when answering this important question:

1) Consider the company:
It would not hurt to say that I would like to be in a winning team because it would give the interviewer the fact that he had done his research on the company. Something like this could convey this idea:

I am the growing power of the company and I want to be part of the team that reaches the top of the industry.
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2) You are ready for the game:
Another good answer to this question would be to talk about their qualifications and how they fit the needs of the company. So the interviewer can know that he is not playing with his application or with the needs of the company. An answer that shows it would be something like this:

The subjects I attended during my undergraduate studies in management accounting prepared me for this position. My two-year experience with x has given me the necessary experience to deliver the results stated in the publication of their work. It's like I've been willing to do this job all my life.

3) You can improve your career and help the company in return:
What recruiters want to see is hunger. They want to see that because they feel they are ready to move on and do more to get the job done, to be recognized, and to stand up. You can express it by saying something:

I want to work because I have the opportunity to prove myself at this level. My plan is to do incredible work and climb the leaders of this company to help them improve and gain the professional experience they gain. It would be a win-win situation for both parties.

4) Passion:
Of course, there is always an answer that shows that you want to do this. A simple statement like the following gives a recruiter the idea that he only wants to work in this area:
Since university, my work has always fascinated me. I have had several jobs in this area and am still learning.

Depending on the desired job, you can mix and match. If you ask for a higher position than before, you have to choose the strongest approaches. The biggest mistake you can make, though, is to make a joke of it and say something as if you were just asking for money. This would mean a lack of interest from you and it is very likely that you will lose this job opportunity. Play your cards well, show your interest and you will not be happy